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Aegis International Roblox Discord

Aegis International Roblox Discord. This post is about the group AEGIS International Hub Main Hub Appeals are to be sent to Officer+ in the AEGIS International group your .

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AEGIS International is divided into many ranks each of which has its own privileges and the link of which can be found in the AEGIS Discord server.

AEGIS International Discord

[9/17/17] PREREQUISITES Incoming members of Aegis International are required to of Aegis International are encouraged and suggested to Have Discord .

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o We&#39re a new growing discord server that revolves around roleplay o Nothing too complicated o No over powered characters will get pass our bio checkers.

How rank up to initiate to cadet!! YouTube

This video will tell you how to rank up the right way!Roblox group link https//wwwrobloxcom/groups/2744682/AegisInternational#!.

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How to rank up **WORKING 2021+** *New method!!!* YouTube

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The central hub for the popular Roblox game [Day of Dusk] The Border! | 20332 members.