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Antlers Roblox. A small amount of the unused assets on this page were originally created by retexture artists The Ice Witch of the Blizzard Hallows was intended to be a prize in the 2014 Winter Games However Roblox realized that the item was made in a collaboration between ninjaguy47 and TheAgonizingGuy and pulled the item from the event replacing it instead with arbitrator’s.

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Roblox recently released a new version of interactions called ProximityPrompts We have updated the game to use ProximityPrompts instead of the old custom interaction system This gives us access to several new features (ie hold for 05 seconds to open a Barrel) and should hopefully be more efficient than the old Interaction system!.

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A spirit petal is a special crafting material that can be used as one of the ingredients to craft the Petal Wand and the Petal Belt It can also be donated to the Wind Shrine to be able to get a chance to obtain Windy Bee or a star treat when donating cloud vials (The Star Treat can only be obtained if you already bought Windy Bee from the limitedtime pack in the Robux Shop) Note.

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Dessa is a skin in Piggy She is the bot of Store Chapter 2 She was also released with the Store chapter along with Pandy (Uniform) She is a light brown deer who wears a teal dress with cyan leggings Her cheeks are a brown and she has a yellow pupil on her left eye with black sclerae in both eyes Her antlers are whitishyellow and her nose is black She clutches a Bo Staff in her.

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120 votes 20 comments 92k members in the robloxjailbreak community Welcome to Jailbreak! Live the life of a Police Officer or a Criminal Stop.

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It is a dark blue pumpkin with a yellow interior along with a Fire emitting in the inside with black antlers on the sides The Dusekkar‘s thumbnail from 2008 Many people describe this accessory to be a simple recolor of the Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head with antlers History Release history.