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B O B Roblox Bear Wiki Fandom. Hi user my name is i know that i play always Roblox and game BEAR(Alpha) BEAR * and BA Deluxe Demo I played since that past disapperance of Tim going at the forest after school all day after school my friends Noah and Daniel were play Roblox BEAR games to get BOBs skins badges and codes Were playing the games at a Discord Call sometime i had a idea to make a.

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Hey @Pablo19791TheBEARFan can you tell how to Hey @Pablo19791TheBEARFan can you tell how to submit BOB to BOB hangout? I see that you really like the game so you will know a.

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This is a wiki where you can store your BEAR and BEAR* skins and maps and kill effects! You need to follow theese rules Don’t copy skins and pages Don’t vandalize Don’t add NSFW to your skins Do NOT be toxic Don’t ban people or block them without telling owner or a fair reason.

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This is a BOB type skin made by Banana_Mart (yes that is actually my roblox username) The Cost is 1000 / 1200 and has the Legendary rarity It has a pet around him like omen mal’s jimbo hey medic like fruity pebbles The description got changed Why? Cuz yes The shop icon is supposed to be him sitting but meh It’s a pink BOB With 2 cat ears and a tail just like bingus.


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Puffle Buddies B O B Buddies Floating Buddies Buddies are switchable items you obtain from the shop or from buying a skin For example you bought BearDroid you get her buddy and the skin But you don’t want her buddy and instead would rather have Sparky’s So you buy Sparky and switch the buddy in the inventory menu You are now satisfied BearDroid Sparky This.