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D Roblox Wikia Fandom Powered By Wikia. View source History Talk (0) Guns have been replaced by Classes in Monstrum so that Monsters don’t have to worry about Hunters with overpowered guns Community content is available under CCBYSA unless otherwise noted Advertisement Fan Feed More Roblox Monstrum Wikia 1.

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In Assassin! There is a gamemode called Freeplay this allows users to have special powerups on orbs they need to touch to activate the powerup Bomb is a powerup that allows the user to have an explosion on impact when throwing knife this is a onetime use so use it strategically and smart Increase walk speed at about 2x Also creates a trail behind you that lasts for about a.

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Personuserperson 1/18/2020 in General Expanding a DBOG fan wiki Hello it seems this page doesn’t see much activity anymore due to the game being no longer updated and DBOG coming soon so I kindly ask if anyone from this page could help with the DBOG wiki the game is not currently out so it may be difficult however with info from the.

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History Talk (0) About ROBLOX Rarity Yellow Legendary Health/Power 500/100 Effect Inert During your end step Give yourself a random Yellow card Bio ROBLOX with bold plans on helping it’s company grow even more since 2004 Christmas Aife Bio Giving the gift of yellow cards since 1980.

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Here you can find out all about the world of RoVerse and what you should expect to encounter out there in the black and for those brave adventurers who’ve met unexpected things on their travels a place to report their findings ‘RoVerse’ is a ROBLOX spacesim game in development with the goal of creating a massive dynamic persistent physical universe where clans can live.

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Ocean Katana drops from Sea monsters in the Sea Temple and is an mediocre weapon especially for beginners Easy to get and good for starters Terrible further on in the game Normal katana speed Very low drops rate.