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How To Have A Very Large Hight In Roblox

How To Have A Very Large Hight In Roblox. To customize your character size click “Avatar” in the Roblox website’s sidebar to go to the Avatar Customizer You have to be R15 to change your scale so make sure that your Avatar Type is set to R15 Below the Avatar Type is a section titled “Scaling” with a sliding scale for Height and Width.

Making Avatar Clothing how to have a very large hight in roblox
Making Avatar Clothing from Making Avatar Clothing

Click on the blue wrench icon on the right click Add Modifier and add the Decimate modifier We’re using this to reduce the poly count significantly Now just reduce the ratio until the “Face count” is at around 200000 (Try 50000 (minimum ratio of 01) if you’re getting a weird banding effect in your terrain)Dec 30 2021Dec 24 2020Aug 26 2019Jan 31 2019.

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Doing this is very simple Pull up the Roblox sidebar Click the Avatar button Select the Avatar Customizer option Look for the Scaling section at the bottom.


See answers (3) Best Answer Copy The only way to do this is to make a small morph You can learn about making morphs on the official Roblox wiki Wiki User ∙ 20101115 190203 This answer.

Making Avatar Clothing


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