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Roblox Command Promt Gui

Roblox Command Promt Gui. Didn&#39t know what to do with the command prompt gui I made so I turned it into a console output Cheers.

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I&#39m currently having an issue with the script that is supposed to execute a GUI when the command is used in the chat by anyone.

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Like a terminal/cmd Edit I am using the translator sorry I do not know if it&#39s good Oh im using a multiline.

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I hope you learned a thing or two about scripting If you want to learn more about scripting on Roblox take a look at some of my otherĀ .

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Synmax is a powerful modular and blazing fast command line with I could definetly see this as a way to speed up my UI design work.

Interactive Surface Guis

has stated the If the player opens issue command, the GUI

Developer Console

[v1.2.4] Synmax A Powerful and Fast Command Line for Developers

Looking for opinions on how I should make a console gui

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Hello Developers I&#39ve got a Game and I want to make a Command for me alone and then a GUI opens but no one else is.