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Roblox Npc Wont Stand Up

Roblox Npc Wont Stand Up. Im trying to make a modified skateboard that looks like you are skating on top of someone The problem is that the npc welded stands up I .

Menacing Dummy A Bizarre Day Roblox Wiki Fandom roblox npc wont stand up
Menacing Dummy A Bizarre Day Roblox Wiki Fandom from

So my npc&#39s use pathfinding to get to a seat position but sometimes they will not sit in the seat? Anyway to fix this?.

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I was experimenting with NPCs recently but my NPC won&#39t move when testing I thought it was something in the script so I tried to change .

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Okay so basically I have NPCs which when they die will ragdoll using this really good ragdoll script I found on the .

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I have a vehiclebased NPC in my game that uses a humanoid which it contains the basic parts HumanoidRootPart Torso Head.

Menacing Dummy A Bizarre Day Roblox Wiki Fandom

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into a new Humanoid NPC falling position down when CFramed

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I figured this out when I noticed the initial minutes of my story game would have to use my backup system but the Roblox pathfinding system .