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Roblox Playerlist Change Position

Roblox Playerlist Change Position. I am trying to make a maze/horror game I used an online template in the Roblox library as my enemy I used pathfinder as you will see in the code below It’s finding me like it’s supposed to except it only goes for my LAST position As you can see in the image below it completely skipped me went to my LAST position then started chasing me.

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Removing Values from Arrays To remove a value like if a player used an item or someone in a list of active players leaves a game use tableremove(arrayName index)This function will either remove the last value of a table or at a specific index depending on if both parameters are used.

How to change a players position Scripting Roblox

Infinite Yield FE Commands console (Loads old Roblox console) explorer / dex (Opens DEX explorer) remotespy / rspy (Opens FrostHook Spy) audiologger / alogger (Opens Edges audio logger) serverinfo / info (Gives you info about the server) jobid (Copies the games JobId to your clipboard) notifyjobid (Notifies you the games JobId) rejoin / rj.

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How to change a players position EnterYourUsername6 (EnterYourUsername6) April 27 2021 732pm #1 Ok so I tried changing the position of a player when you click a part but it won’t work I tried youtube and scriptinghelpersFeb 21 2022Apr 02 2021Mar 25 2021Feb 05 2020.

Pathfinder is making my NPC follow my oldest position only

playerlist NumOfEntitiesInParty = {} Num of active teams since you can’t call tablegetn on a dictionary (returns highest index not size of table) playerlist NumOfParties = 0 For adjusting the size of the playerlist getting children and excluding nonframes is too tedious playerlist NumOfEntities = 0.

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CoreScripts/PlayerlistModule.lua at master · Roblox/Core

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This event does not fire for physicsrelated changes like when the CFrame Velocity RotVelocity Position Orientation and CFrame properties of a BasePart change due to gravity To detect changes in these properties consider using a physicsbased event like RunServiceStepped or BasePartTouched A whiletruedo loop can also work.