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Roblox Police Special Investigations Unit

Roblox Police Special Investigations Unit. 1060 Danger Violent towards police 1061 Station Calling Identify 1062 Unauthorized Listeners 1063 Tow Truck Required (Location) 1064 Ambulance Required Location 1065 Escort (Prisoner/Mental) 1068 Breathalyzer Required 1069 CPIC Entry 24 Hour Suspension 1070 Update Status (Are You OK) 1071 Complaint Dispatch 1072 Armed Robbery.

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BsLaw first joined Roblox under the username ‘bs02’ in March of 2013 He first joined Firestone in April 2016 He played Version One as a civilian and began a career during the Alpha stage of Version Two BsLaw began his Roblox law enforcement career in 2013 joining Cop Patrol Police Department (CPPD) This group at the time rivaled FedoraMasterB98s The Robloxian Cops.

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ROBLOX United States Army Group United States Army Communications Server Criminal Investigation Divіsion Military Security Unit Fort Protection Unit Special Reaction Team Judge Advocate General’s Corps The Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG Corps) is the branch or specialty of a military concerned with military justice and military law.

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The MP Regiment as a whole including MPI is structured similarly to the Infantry Regiment though it also contains a unique Military Police School which is roughly the size of a platoon Special Forces Regiment The Special Forces Regiment or Special Forces Group (SFG) is a clandestine unit tasked with conducting special operations for the guard.


The Investigations Division is comprised of sworn police officer investigators and civil investigators throughout the state Many of the police officer investigators have specialized skills such as computer forensics language forensic accounting and technical surveillance ie wiretaps bugs and cameras.

Vancouver Police Department Wikipedia

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Investigative NYPD New York City



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SAPD Bomb Squad to conduct training exercises Friday



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FBI Tactical Operations, Tactical Operations Careers and


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The Tactical Aviation unit works in support of the other Tactical Section groups Tactical Operations Specialties and Units Enhanced SWAT– There are 56 FBI field offices across the country and every one of these offices maintains a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team However for the toughest situations imaginable the FBI also.