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Roblox Typical Colors 2

Roblox Typical Colors 2. A subreddit all about the game Typical Colors 2 in ROBLOX Typical Colors 2 is a game made by ROLVe and is based off of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 30k TC2 Enjoyers.

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Talk (0) The Mechanic is one of the nine playable classes in Typical Colors 2 He is one of the three Defense classes in the game The Mechanic is unique in the sense that he can deploy Sentry Guns to lock down an area on the map and support his team He can build Sentry Guns using his Construction PDA destroy them using his Demolition PDA and repair or upgrade them using.

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Typical Colors 2 (also known as TC2) is a Roblox game developed by ROLVe Community who also made other games such as Counter Blox The game is heavily inspired by Valve’s Team Fortress 2 in which it is an FPS game with many similarities such as teamcoloured.

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Feature Silent aim Legit silent aim Damage mod Infinite ammo 1 shot kill Etc.

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Typical Colors 2 is an FPS game created by the ROLVe Community on December 5 2015 The game is based on the Valve FPS shooter game Team Fortress 2 RED (Reliable Excavation Demolition) is replaced with RED (Reginald’s Earthly Discoveries).