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Roblox Vault Sound

Roblox Vault Sound. The Sound class inherits from Instance Sounds work if parented to BaseParts the Workspace or a Player’s PlayerGui Sounds can additionally be parented to SoundGroups which applies SoundEffects in the group to all sounds in it Sound on the Roblox Developer Hub Sound in the Roblox API Reference.

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Vault 8166 is a game that is hidden from the roblox website the most well known way to enter it is from teleporters Vault 8166 has a creepy vibe when somebody joins the game the Guardian is activated which will proceed to chase down whoever it detects (It can glitch out sometimes letting anybody go through the vault without being caught by it) Vault8166 contains a red.

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I’ve never used or worked with sound effects before beyond SoundPlay() I looked at the default Jeep model and figured out that to achieve the way the engine changes sound depending on speed is by having an engine loop sound effect and changing the pitch depending on the speed I want to have a subtle wind sound effect as well that sounds like it’s getting.

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How to do sound effect like this?!

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In today’s Roblox video we explore the secret vault 166 in Roblox + more funny moments! Follow me on Twitter! http//bitly/SeeDengTwitter Subscribe to be.