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Roblox Won’t Let Me Enter Catalog Heaven

Roblox Won't Let Me Enter Catalog Heaven. So I was testing my game and earlier (a few hours ago) it worked perfectly sounds playing and everything Without updating I joined again later (a few minutes ago) without any updates and now the sounds won’t play Not a single one The default ROBLOX sounds work just fine though Some place stuff FilteringEnabled is on The sounds are in a BindableEvent in.

Roblox Catalog Heaven Glitches 2019 Youtube roblox won't let me enter catalog heaven
Roblox Catalog Heaven Glitches 2019 Youtube from

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Roblox Catalog Heaven Glitches 2019 Youtube

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General Help So I sometimes play Catalog Heaven with my other buddies and I can’t properly enjoy it because of this freeze problem So when im around 10 minutes in the game and I try and get a new weapon then close the catalog it freezes and I have to wait 15 seconds for it to unfreeze This only happened when I Got guns/crossbows/anything Top responses.